Monday, February 07, 2005

BBCode (dKos mod) - Firefox Extension for Daily Kos

Thought I read somewhere on Daily Kos that someone had put together a Firefox extension that would allow for dKos-inspired commenting - specifically, something that would handle dKos's funky 'blockquote' formatting (it doesn't use the traditional <blockquote> tag, but a <div class="blockquote"> tag).

When I couldn't find the extension that I thought I'd read about I started to think about putting one together. I quickly failed in my attempt at starting a new extension from scratch. It should have been fairly simple, but the Javascript just handed me my ass. Need to find a decent Javascript debugger.

Then I found this extension called BBCode which did almost everything we needed it to do. So, I modified it. I believe the author, Jed Brown, is working on a mod that would make it extensible so folks like me don't have to hack any code at all - which would be nice.

It's not the purtiest, but it works, and though I didn't do all that much work (~24 hrs total), I'm still rightly proud of it.

Check the details here.

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