Saturday, March 26, 2005

U.S. making world safer...with fighters jet abroad...

Welcome to upside-downism personified, folks. We're selling fighter jets to Pakistan for money...doh! no, not for money, for strategic...something, or whatever. And then we're going to sell even more jets to India. And then we're going to sell more military shit to Pakistan. And then...

A little cold war in Asia would be *very* good business for the U.S. military industrial complex. The CNN report I saw mentioned at least one Texas Lockheed (or some other shit military company) plant that would be able to stay open past October only if it got a new order of fighter jets - the kind of fighter jets that kill people - so much for the sanctity of life during the Schiavo disaster.

I wonder who this senior administration official is?

"It is important for the Pakistani government feel secure," one official said. "It is in India's interest that Pakistan feel secure."

He's a fucking idiot, and he's a cowardly cowboy from Texas.

Yes, I guess that pretty much describes all the presidents to ever come out of Texas, but still, there's only one I can think of that could utter something so blindingly ridiculous as this - so simple - and still he fucks it up. The dude's brain is just gone, man - it's all fried up after being coke'd up and drown in alcohol for twenty years.

Drop the news on a Saturday night, at the height of the Schiavo disaster, and hope nobody catches it. Awesome.

Bush says it's a big kiss on the lips to Prez. Musharraf for all the wonderful work he's been doing to help us in the 'war on terror'. Yeah - I just don't even know where to begin with that one. Just read my lips - A.Q. Kahn. Weren't we supposed to be invading Iraq to prevent them from getting WMD, but we reward the country that's been spreading WMD technology more vigorously and successfully than any other country or entity at any other time in the history of the planet? Sounds about right for Bushco. [Oops - meguesses, though I really don't know, that the U.S. shared mucho WMD secrets with the Israelis over the years, but who knows? They had access to other western nuclear powers, like France and Germany.]

If you sell military technology to one of the two countries who feel threatened by one another, then my guess is that you're only going to escalate the race against each other to gain more military technology - which is exactly what Bushco is hoping for.

Like Michael Moore said years ago, before it was obvious and before it was cool - this is not about any 'war on terror' - this is about money, and power, and greed - plain and simple. Bushco has gotten the Rethug base to buy into it, so he knows they won't question this sale. The Limbaughs and Foxes will say how much it makes sense, etc. etc.

Also, possibly importantly, the CNN quickly dropped a one-liner that said something about 'the direct transfer of technology'. It was like, let's see how Bush manages to pull this one off - meaning, this selling of a few jets is plainly a direct transfer of technology, and that direct transfer of (military) technology is against U.S. law or U.S. regulations of some type, and therefore it should not be allowed, of course, but of course, it will be allowed. The CNN guy - was it Dobbs or just someone doing a report on his show? - sounded incredulous - like he knew it shouldn't be done, it couldn't be done legally, but that it would be done because Bushco wanted it done. The CNN guy seemed to be amused at the thought of the lines of reasoning Bushco would employ to con his base this time.

Here's one - just tell them, the deal will make the world safer. No - no - not more dangerous - safer. Yeeeeeaaaahhhh.

Somehow, I think that Rethugs would not be so inspired with this new definition of safety were it France trying to sell figher jets to Osama bin Laden. "But do not worry, my American friends," the French leader would say, "it's going to make the world ... safer. Ouiaaaaaa."

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