Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Ugly American comic book from 1958

Boing Boing tells us about the You Don't See These Sights on the Regular Tours travel comic book.

Florida professor Kenneth Osgood points out the extent to which psyops are meant to influence the American public, first, and only then the international audience, in his book Total Cold War. He also did C-SPAN (why is this stuff not free?). Completely interesting stuff.

Though I haven't read this book yet, Professor Osgood really makes it clear in his C-SPAN presentation, which I did catch, that George W. Bush wasn't the first president to use the government's massive resources to use propaganda against the U.S. citizens - it's been around a long, long time.

Bush's distinction, perhaps - according to me, is that he's the first President to employ the entire government to progagandize the citizenry.

In his C-SPAN presentation, Professor Osgood covers this exact type of travel pamphlet, if not this exact pamphlet linked-to, above. Watch it if you can find a bootleg copy somewhere!

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