Friday, April 27, 2007

$100 laptop adds Windows; now $175

Well what'd you expect from the brother of a war criminal?

...folks are already selling very decent refurbished laptops for $400. Right now.

This price increase to earn Microsoft more profits while at the same time protecting Microsoft from Linux is a massive scam - a massive fraud committed against all the people who have been pushing for this project to be a success. To have the price of the laptop shoot up 75% is disgusting. Who knows what kinds of things kids around the world would have done with Linux and other operating systems - in particular, the kids in Africa. Now they're going to have Microsoft and its shitty Windows operating system forced upon them just like colonialism has been forced upon them for decades. Can't believe I ever bought into the idea that Nicholas Negroponte would actually attempt to do something decent. No wonder the Media Lab kicked his ass out.

...good for them.

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