Monday, September 17, 2007

Stanford vs. USF Mens Soccer; 09/16/07

I only watched the first half, but here's the report:

Conor Chinn is a monster. Scored the first goal (and only I saw) for SF by running through and over at least four Stanford defenders, including the Stanford sweeper who made a lame attempt to clear - Chinn finished coolly. He should transfer to England immediately - they'll love him, and he'll do well.

Stanford should have known he was coming to town - he just downed #11 Cal with a two-goal performance (coaching error).

#7 SF outside right back for SF - solid. strong shot from set play. pwning his man.

#15 SF outside left half - super-quick. attacks with pace. dangerous.

#3 SF sweeper solid. fast. good on the ball. cool enough.

Stanford _completely_ dominating possession - Chinn is great, but SF won't go anywhere without a midfield.

SF keeper is solid - grabs all loose balls at their zenith.

Stanford strikers completely ineffective - slow, unskilled - probably senior holdovers.

#14 Stanford - terrible.

#10 Stanford - nonexistent.

Stanford holds the ball way too long - no fluidity or imagination.

Stanford strikers tired with 20 min left in first half.

Stanford refusal to dish early is killing every attack.

Stanford continues low-percentage passes to dead space - will _not_ make the easy pass - this is obviously an ego problem. Maybe another loss will fix that. Probably not. (coaching error)

...Stanford loses in overtime, 2-1.

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