Sunday, August 03, 2008

War is the systematic murder of civilians

We did it in Korea:

“We should not ignore or conceal the deaths of unarmed civilians that resulted not from the mistakes of a few soldiers but from systematic aerial bombing and strafing,” said Kim Dong-choon, a senior commission official. “History teaches us that we need an alliance, but that alliance should be based on humanitarian principles.”
Many of us now know that we did it in Vietnam and just about every other war.

And we're doing it in Afghanistan and Iraq and everywhere else.

If you support war, you support the systematic murder of civilians -- men, women, and children.

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white said...

War is a financial arrangement between a nations people; natural assets, and the international war banking community. The perpetuity of war, proves that one family has power, over all of the other inhabitents of the international war banking community. The strategy and execution of war has a much greater purpose than to systematicaly murder civilans, the obviously greater goal is to extract from the civilans. Murdering them, is simply a means to an end. Yes, I think it is possible today, to identify this most prominent family that manages the war banking community. Its a matter of fact, that by remaining "in the closet", the international war banking community is motivated to provide the perpetual nature of war. Therefore war remains intact for future generations. The white buffalo is coming soon, to address this problem. Keep your thinking cap on, your headed in the right direction.