Thursday, October 02, 2008

What's wrong with Linda Lingle?

The name sounds a bit funny because....well, I've just never heard it before. But here's the weird part - you've seen her on TV before.

Linda Lingle is the current governnor of Hawaii. She's the most prominent female Republican - or was, until Palin took over.

And you know what? Like Palin, Lingle had, at least in one point in time, astoundingly high approval ratings. I'd guess she probably still did until she started using child protective services as a political weapon to crush dissent. Can you imagine anything more disgusting? I mean, there might be outright rape and murder, but this is the next best thing. If you kill the credibility of child protective services, you kill, rape, torture, and make suffer thousands of children in your state - it's that simple. And Linda Lingle pushed for that to happen. Beautiful person.

But Republicans, while still human, can act very anti-human - so this should not have been any sort of dealbreaker for them. Most abused children are poor, right - so what's the big deal with discrediting the agency that protects them, really? Children can't vote, and they sure as heck can't pay bribes to politicians, so what good are they?

But why didn't McCain choose Lingle for VP? She was married and divorced twice, and has no children. Is all of that enough reason not to pick someone for VP? She was chairperson of the 2004 RNC in New York City, where she helped the NYPD go around and arrest thousands of civilians - no small effort. She's been on TV. She's articulate. She trumpets the party line. She's the perfect fit, right?

Well, there's this one other thing. Linda Lingle Was that enough to crush her chances of running for VP for the Republican party?

I hope it wasn't Triumph that ruined everything for her and Hawaii. Poor poor Hawaii.


variationblog said...

As a Maui County resident, I am offended by your mischaracterization of Gov. Lingle's handling of the Superferry protests. Her warning was not intended to quell such protests from happening, rather it was a plea to parents who allow their children to swim and ride surfboards in front of a 350 foot ship. To answer your question, I can think of something far more disgusting than Lingle's statement: parents endangering their children for political purposes. Although I do believe that Lingle was taking a political risk when she made the statement to the media, I am glad that she took a stand against protestors, like the ones that attempt to block the ferry from leaving Maui's harbor, who endanger their own lives as well as the lives of their would-be rescuers. The protests over the Superferry have been ongoing for the past decade and most likely will continue on regardless of legal decisions made in its favor. Your diatribe was taken out of context and obviously without a clear understanding of the situation. And your off-color comment about Lingle "looking gay" perhaps places you in the same category as the Republican Party leaders that you're criticizing.

Peter said...

variation, it wasn't a diatribe - it was a simple statement of fact. just how many kids were murdered, raped, molested, sodomized, starved, beaten, tortured, and otherwise made to suffer due to Linda Lingle's actions - we may never know.

Anonymous said...

Peter, are you totally stupid or just a slime sucking hack? Accusing the gov of causing harm to children when she didnt want them to get run over by a boat? I assume that you have recently suffered from a stroke. No sweetie, that's not really toast you're smelling.

Anonymous said...

Question to all Lingle supporters:

Did she ever obtain the enviormental impact statement for the ferry or did she just ram it up our asses? She brought that freakin eyesore to our islands illegally! B.T.W. The Stupid Ferry almost ran over a whale last month... Another criminally negligent republican. I hope she joins Bush and Cheney in Leavenworth!

Pub said...

You're a bigoted piece of shit.

Anonymous said...

cannot stand that haole wahine bitch.
Lingle should be forced from staying on as governor. Ovethrow the Hawaiian Haole government and return it to the Kanaka Maoli.

Hawai'i is NOT for the Haole. Never was, never should be.
The land belongs to the Kanaka Maoli.


Anonymous said...

I know that there is something wrong with Linda Lingle. She says that she works for the good of the people. Well the people wish she would just stop, I had to graduate high school the year that she put furlows through. That year she raised graduation Requirements and then gave us less time to complete them I don't like her and many of my former class mates don't like her ether. If she thinks that she can get voted into the senate than, she is insane. During her time as the governor of Hawaii she burned civil servants ,students, gays and many other future voters. And I was wondering if anyone else noticed that she looks like bob saget