Saturday, November 29, 2003

Holy sh*t

This article in the Washington Post has everything. Man. We're way beyond statistics here. This is the kind of stuff that awakens people to the horrors of war, and brings down chickenhawk sitting presidents.

Quote #1, from an ER physician at the 28th Combat Support Hospital in Baghdad:

"The injuries are horrific," he said. "They are beyond anything that you see in a textbook, and they are the worst that I have ever seen."
Back home, in San Antonio, the doc only saw car crash and gunshot victims. Kinda gives you the sense that when he says 'horrific', he really means horrific.

Quote #2, from injured soldier Matthew VanBuren, focus of the article:
"My buddy Frosh, he was fresh out of basic," VanBuren said. "He got to the unit about a week ago, from Des Moines." He started to cry.

"I was teaching him my job so that if I got hurt, he could take over for me," he said, the tears sneaking out from the corners of his bright blue eyes.
For those of you who love your country, and think this war on Iraq (and other defenseless, poor countries inhabited mostly by brown, Muslim peoples) is a pretty good thing, then I and the Deparment of Defense urge you to sign up to serve your country right away. You have five branches of service to choose from, so don't be shy. Make us proud! [Navy, Army, Marines, Air Force, Coast Guard]

Wait! I'm not even saying you have to change your life around - ever heard the term weekend warrior? Huh? Huuuhhh? Sounds pretty good, right? That's because it is pretty good! Just one weekend a month and two weeks during the summer! Check out the reserve links below. Remember, there is no commitment until you sign on the dotted line. [Air Force Reserve, Air National Guard, Army National Guard, Army Reserve, Coat Guard Reserve, Marine Forces Reserve, Naval Reserve]

Oh, Look! Just in time for the the end of my post. At least six more Spanish soldiers have just been reported killed in Iraq - that means there's room for six more of you to prove once and for all that you all really do believe all that nonsense you've been talking for the past couple of years! Hurry, don't delay! The never-ending war on terror is not going to end until we kill or capture all of the terrorists - the ones that exist now, and the ones that are coming of age now, and the ones that we are creating, and the ones who are still in their mommy's wombs. Maybe we could get rid of them all in one fell swoop - 'mow them all down', so to speak - as Trent Lott says. Hey, sounds like a good plan to me. I know that wouldn't create more terrorists! I am positive that all this talk about a draft is just phony baloney because I know a thing or two about the hard core patriots we have in this country, and I know for sure that we have more than enough strong fighters who would like nothing more than to go a round or two with an IED or an RPG.

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