Wednesday, November 26, 2003

Idealogically confuzed...

It seems those zany Libertarians are at it again - getting that rambunctious southern bobblehead Neal Boortz to speak at their 2004 National Convention. From my days in Hotlanta, I remember that dude spewing over the airwaves. Sometimes I wasn't sure who I was listening to - Rush or Boortz.

Justin Raimondo has a good article on about Boortz' and his rendezvous with destiny.

P.S. I gotta throw in a plug for my homeboy James Bovard who I caught on CSPAN's Booknotes a few weeks ago. This dude is MUH-NEE!$!$! His new book Terrorism and Tyranny sounds like it's probably a great read based on what he said during his Book TV interview. Dude has a super-cool demeanor - hates bad politicians, regardless of their party affiliation - and just generally seems to bring sanity to the table. I lose listeners quickly when I diatribe, but this dude seems like he can cross the left/right threshold and really get his message across. Yeah, dial it up!

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