Thursday, March 11, 2004

Military Families vs. the War

Figure this article can't be too good for the war party. Of course, the most intelligent response comes from one Christine Dooley:

Christine Dooley, who's 22 and living in Murrysville, Pa., with an infant daughter, is mourning the loss of her husband, Army Staff Sgt. Micheal Dooley, 23, killed in June. "The fact that I lost Micheal does not change my feelings about what we needed to do over there at all," Dooley says via e-mail. "Many Americans forget that we were attacked on 9/11. . . . We need to kick some butt and clean up!"

As these types of articles continue to creep out, lots of thoughts run through my mind. By now I've managed to suppress most of the heavy thinking about the waste of human lives - about what all these now-dead kids could have achieved in a full lifetime - another 60 years or so. So now I just think How? How did it take these families so long to figure it out? How long will it take the others? Does it really take the death of a loved one - a spouse, a child - to allow yourself the breathing room to re-evaluate your long-held positions on the glories of war? And some are still not convinced....interesting...