Sunday, March 07, 2004

Suicidal Tendencies

Started amassing some 'workout' music for the home and ran across some very old-school stuff that is just outrageous intense. I used to listen to Suicidal Tendencies when I was a little G, back in the 80's. No idea how I heard about them, but damn - about fifteen years later and this stuff is still slammin. Apparently the group is still going strong - new albums, tours, etc.

Dont' know if this music is for everyone, but I'll give a little pointer to those who have no idea where to start. I only owned one record and am really only familiar with the songs on it, and nothing else, but at least a few of these tracks are tight. Lights... Camera... Revolution has a track called 'Alone' which, to me, exemplifies Suicidal.

It seems these guys have a fairly loyal following and their longevity and philosophies have helped to cultivate the Suicidal Lifestyle, whatever, exactly, that is. I'm just impressed, though. Listen to this one track, Alone, and it makes everything else I've been listening to seem like a Kenny Rogers love ballad. I've never seen a live show, but I imagine it might be scary...which is a good thing...