Sunday, July 11, 2004

Before Sunset

Great flick (official site). A few reviews.

Probably helps if you're into Paris - which gets a lot of play. Probably helps if you're into good acting - which I am not, necessarily - but in this low-key flick, it's a necessity, and good acting is delivered in full, it seems. Probably helps if you like a little U.S. foreign policy bashing for humor. Probably helps if you've ever had that 'one lost love' or just like to imagine having had one. Probably helps if you can actually appreciate indy flicks, in general. Probably helps if you dig perfectly far-from-perfect dialogue (with more wit than you, yourself could ever muster) between a couple newly-reaquinted, trying to find the right thing to say, but mostly failing - just makes it that much more real. And definitely helps if there is at least one point in the movie when you would like to think and feel compelled to sigh aloud 'Oh my @!*&^%$....Gooooooooooosh!', and at once feel hopeful yet angry, but relieved that, alas, you are not the only one on this earth to be stung by the cruel irony of fate.

Somehow, after seeing Waking Life, I became an Ethan Hawke fan, so it was cool to see him do a good job here.

Awesome, awesome, awesome. Paris kicks ass.

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