Thursday, July 01, 2004

Nader to Debate Dean?

I usually don't sound off on breaking news, but this one is too much to resist. The WaPost is reporting that Nader is going to debate Dean on National Public Radio's weekly program "Justice Talking", on Friday, July 9.

Welcome to four more years for Bush. Can't believe the Dems signed-off on this. The *only* thing that can happen here is the obvious - Nader will gain more legitimacy, will reach millions of people with his very-sane message, and voters will vote for him because he has the best platform. I don't know how the Dems could come to any other conclusion - unless Dean just sort of manufactured this thing all by himself.

I'm all for the downfall of the two party system here in the U.S., but I wasn't overly committed to four more years of Bush and the possible end of our Republic as we now know it, just for my high-minded ideal of ending the two party stranglehold on our democracy. I can hear it already - the buzz of the Republicans backing Nader working furiously behind the scenes to promote this little Nader/Dean showdown. Too funny. With Kerry having friends like Dean, who needs enemies?! Hah! :D

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