Friday, September 24, 2004

Military full of Bush supporters? Ummm, no

Bush surprised some troops on their way over to that glimmering palace in the middle of the desert, Iraq. Photo ops, baby! But even with the President boarding their airplane, not everyone was convinced of the draft-dodging Mr. Bush:

Sgt. 1st Class Bobby Dailey, a FedEx worker normally, was asked if the boisterous reception meant these were all Bush supporters. "We're commander-in-chief supporters," he clarified, and pointed out: "It ain't every day you land somewhere and the president gets on your plane."

Mr. Dailey didn't want to be called a Bush supporter, so he made clear that he had respect for the Office of the President - not the guy who currently occupies it.

Let me tell ya something. The POTUS walks on your plane and greets you and your fellow compadres, and you're still not sure if you're going to vote for? Bush best pack it in right now. The jig is up. The media keep portraying the military as solidly in Bush's corner. Guess again. Methinks the grunts occupying Mess-opotamia are not liking scraping the sand from their crevices. The grunts are going to shift the election to Kerry. You heard it here, first.

Waiting on Michael Moore's book of troop letters...

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