Friday, September 24, 2004

U.S., Russia on same path towards Dictatorships

Here's what the cover of the e-USA Today looks like:

War on terror

Justice Dept. steps up surveillance
Officials worry about the possibility of an attack that could disrupt the November elections.

Russia proposes blacklist of suspects
Reeling from attacks by Chechen separatists, Moscow seeks help from the United Nations.

Both nations are attacked by terrorists. Both nations' governments use terror as political tool to clamp down on dissent and 'temporarily' give the government more power to 'protect the citizens' from terrorist attacks. No coincidence here - this is the way it works.

At what point does America turn back, if at all? Will it be these elections, or will the Rethugs in power start to fear for their own safety, and then suggest backing away from the one party state?

Scary, but interesting...

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