Sunday, August 13, 2006

Google Sucks !

Google sucks! They are terrible. They are bad bad bad. They are the worst people ever. That corporation is worser than Microsoft. They are so bad it is unbelievable. Bad bad bad. Google is crappy. They are crapy. Google is the worst. Google sucks. Google is atrocious. Atrocious is Google. Worst. Company. Ever. Worst. Search. Ever. They suck. Google is shit. Google is ass. Google is piss. Google is downright terrible. Google is disgusting. Google sux. Any other search company is better than Google. The worst search company is Google. Why does Google suck so bad? Google is horrendous. Google are click fraud fraudsters. Google only knows click fraud. Click fraud is Google's best friend. Google loves click fraud. Google only makes money from click fraud.

There. Just wanted to see if dissing Google will affect the ads they serve on my blog. Will they stop serving ads altogether? Will they cancel my Blogger account? Doubt it - I don't have enough pull. But it would be interesting to note what happens when an influential person decides to savage Google - someone whose various blog properties are serving Google ads.

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Marshall Kirkpatrick said...

Those new ads on this item page are pretty funny. I presumed you were pissed about the face recognition software!

razei said...

If anything, I found this blog post via a google blog search for 'windows'.

dumbdeadkurt said...

lol, I typed "google sucks" into its own search engine to wind-up here, signing-up with 'blogger', only to concure with you...can we say "uprising"?

J said...

Interesting test - I wonder what would have happened if you didn't include the last paragraph explaining that it was only a test.

pleasedconsumer said...


Thank you for wonderful blog. I came upon your blog as I was searching for paypal complaints. The funy thing is that every time I encounter palpal complaints I also saw references to America's Servicing Company.

Can you please explain this to me?


Anonymous said...

Google DOES suck ass! :)