Wednesday, August 02, 2006

People Aggregator to Its Users - 'Fuck You!'

I just attended the 'SF New Tech Meetup' at C|Net HQ. Marc Canter, C-something-O of People Aggregator - a social networking universal ID-type web service - gave what was shaping up to be a great presentation until he told us in the audience and all his company's future users to go fuck ourselves.

I asked something to the effect, "What will you do, what is your policy when the government comes calling for my data?" This, I thought, a very pertinent question given that People Aggregator is aiming to be you - and your umpteen 'personas' on the internets. Marc ducked the question - which was supposed to be the last of the evening.

A fellow behind me, though, felt that Marc's ducking of this very important question was not good enough - so he followed up. He said something similar, but spelled it out in no uncertain terms so Marc couldn't duck it again. He said something to the effect, "What will you do when the government issues you a subpoena for our data?" To this, Marc issued his big 'Fuck You' to all of us, saying (not an exact quote, but pretty damn close - and someone was shooting video, but I don't know who the dude was):

That's not a battle I'm going to fight. No way.

There you have it folks - a major 'Fuck Off', 'Fuck You', and whatever else you can imagine from the thought leader behind People Aggregator. Give your data to us, so we can give it directly to Uncle Sam.

Marc made a joke out of the question, saying he was going to 'fight the revolution in other ways' - maybe by spending it in the lavish quarters afforded him by his new best friend, Uncle Sam.

Fuck me? Fuck me? No, People Aggregator, fuck you!

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