Thursday, September 28, 2006

Fancy Little Football Person (i.e. 'uppity negro')

A terrorist from the Dallas Police Terrorist Defense Committtee today got off on his hate for uppity negros. Apparently, he can't stand the fact that Terrell Owens is allowed to call a white man a liar:

"The officers reacted because they were called to this location to do this job. Now they're being put under a microscope by some fancy little football person," White said. "Give me a break. Those officers are 10 times better than this man."

It's funny watching this go down. It's too cliche. You know this loser Glenn White wants to start dropping N-bombs, but he knows he can't be _that_ outwardly racist, even in Texas. Instead, he chooses to go the 'uppity negro' route, referring to Owens as 'some fancy little football person', and then finishing off his tirade with a 'those officers are 10 times better than this man'.

Typical racist shit. How boring.

And how awesome is it that this fool Glenn White has such a white name? Classic. Mr. White's challenge for T.O. to 'go down and file a complaint' is a common tactic amongst our nation's finest terrorists. Most terrorists around the U.S. just trash those complaints when they come in, or the terrorists just harrass, terrorize, beat, arrest, or murder the people doing the complaining. Typical terrorist tough-guy coward hiding behind his badge.

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