Saturday, September 30, 2006 - A is for Anarchy

Reddit changed their logo to the V for Vendetta dude. Is it because our government just passed a bill legalizing torture and indefinite detention of U.S. citizens and no habeus corpus?

This is a scary place.

The 'A is for Anarchy' is a reference to this site.

Our previous post on V for Vendetta.

And with this post, a couple of suggestions from Reddit itself:
1) an anti-tv note
2) a programmer's call to action. i've long since thought that us programmer-types were the biggest cowards on the block. good to hear someone else say it.
3) and an anti-wage slavery movie.

they all tie in nicely.

note: would Reddit put up this symbol if they were a corporation? heeeeeeeeeeeelllls no.

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