Saturday, February 10, 2007

Cops after Good Samaritan

Listen, the guy already helped prevent some lady from getting her ass kicked/robbed/worse - why not leave him the fuck alone now?

The Palo Alto Police Department made public on Friday its hunt for an anonymous citizen who recently helped defend a woman during an attack.

On Jan. 21 around 7:45 p.m. a Palo Alto resident in her 40s was walking her dog on the 4200 block of Wilkie Way when a man attacked her. When she tried to fight back, a passerby rushed to her aid and scared off the suspect, police Sgt. Sandra Brown said.
The police department requests that anyone with information about the case or the identity of the good Samaritan contact Detective Agent Zach Perron at 650-329-2307.

People don't want to be terrorized by the cops - obviously - so don't terrorize the dude. Is that so difficult to understand? If he's wanted for 'Suspicion of Being a Good Samaritan', then say so, but the obvious answer here is to leave him alone.

If the cops continue to terrorize Good Samaritans, we won't have anyone willing to step up when the time comes for fear of getting harassed and terrorized by the police when the event is over. I mean, Good Samaritans are already taking on a big risk by sticking up for their fellow man. Is it really necessary to hunt this guy down just because he went out of his way to help protect this lady?

Don't worry, coppers - I'm sure the lesson has already come through for him loud and clear already - don't go trying to be a good citizen, thereby encroaching on police turf - stick to what you were doing - don't interfere. Or else.

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