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Gil Mantera's Party Dream at Baeble Music

UPDATE: I stopped using Baeble Music. They suck ass. When I bought a couple of videos, they published my real full name on the website. And they'd deleted at least one of my comments on two different occasions - at least once was, I suspect, because I remarked that a broken video was their fault (as opposed to part of the show, or that was what users should expect from all videos on the site) and they needed to fix it. Remarkably, pointing out to users of the site, and at least one anonymous commenter, that the video actually had a glitch was what got the comments deleted (anonymous commenter tried to tell me the video wasn't broken - at which point the video was removed from Baeble's search index - because it was broken, of course - because i'm usually right). The whole situation reminds me of those clowns at MyBlogFogDog who banned ShoeMoney for pointing out bugs in their crappy software.

-- old post below --

Best damn music site, period, fools.

Get some!

Listen - don't even fuck around. This is where it's at.

...previous Party Dream coverage.

...can't leave my boys out. Oxford Collapse. These guys rock, too:

Saw Oxford Collapse play the Hotel Utah a few short months ago - had never heard of them - and they were insane. And the lame-ass hipster SF crowd sucked it, as usual, but it didn't stop me from rockin out.

...some more love for Oxford Collapse. Sick song. Sick video:

...bought the downloadable versions of both Party Dream and Oxford Collapse's videos. Tellin ya - the Party Dream. It's just un#*#*#*#&&#&@believable. It's manic, drug-fueled mayhem. It's perfect.

And Oxford Collapse's video is very strong, too. They kick the shit out of it. Can't wait to see both these bands again.

Baeble Music is the greatest thing to happen to music since the iPod.

...Ultimate Donny, the lead singer for Gil Mantera's Party Dream, has an incredible voice. You would never know it if you read all the 'serious' reviews of their music, but I thought I heard it when I first saw them live in SF, and now I'm certain. At 31:25 of the Baeble video - the show at The Knitting Factory in NYC - they launch into this song called 'Tigers (Live Style Remix)'. First, the song is just damn awesome - the music, the lyrics, the heights and troughs - everything. But a special note is reserved for Ultimate Donny's voice - he goes off in this Bruce Springsteen-like roar, but more intense, during the early part of the song and all of a sudden, if you weren't yet a believer, you're convinced. There's no more hesitation. And you're pissed that we live in a time when it's possible for a band like this to exist for years before you ever heard of them. You will now be telling all your friends about this incredible band - or life experience/philosophical outlook/etc.

And a word on having confidence in your own musical taste. If you dig it, say so. Don't throw in a million disclaimers about keyboards and dress and all that nonsense - be brave. In other words, don't be like all the people who get paid to tell you what music you can and can't like. You won't find a paid review now, and you probably never will, that will just outright praise the Party Dream - because that would require actual bravery and independence on the part of that paid-for reviewer. If Gil's keyboard sounds originate in the 1980s or the 1880s, they're good enough for me. If Donny oversings or Gil uses a vocoder, then that's the way I want it. Let the haters hate, but don't lose your nerve because some hipster refuses to drop their air of superiority.

...found lyrics to the 'Tigers' song mentioned above. I've reproduced here, with corrections of typos, as well as concert-specific lyrics - as best I could make them out. You should check out the original copy because it looks like the concert version left out a whole stanza. I haven't heard the actual recording.

everybody knows
i heard it from michael
now everybody knows
i heard it from gina
now everyone knows
i heard it from gina
and all them crazy dudes they been fuckin' you
in the craziest spots available

but i can't compare to no rainbow no more
now baby
we ain't gonna find a pot o' gold
and no goddamn leprechaun gonna leave it for me
and so i'm stuck
and so you're there
and so i'm here
and so i need, i need some kind of resolution
that i can fit into

'cause broads come and go
but your family they is better than gold
because blood is thicker than water
and baby i'm hotter than you could ever, ever know

...than you ever, ever, ever...


don't laugh at the tigers. show them your diamond heart (x4)

i can see how you don't want me (x7)

i see...

That song is just too much. wow.

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