Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Gil Mantera's Party Dream

I went to see Art Brut tonight, and to their great credit, they delivered - bigtime. I mean, they followed an act which was pretty much unfollowable, but they did it anyways, and quite possibly came out on top (is that sexist?). Listen, Art Brut is the shit. Period. Their shit is tight, hilarious, entertaining, rockin, and whatever else rock n roll is supposed to be and not be. Front man was every bit absurd as we hoped for and expected. Dude seems young, too, which is bizarre, but whatever. If someone younger than 35 managed to produce that kind of satire, then mad props to him.

With that said, however - the band just before Art Brut, Gil Mantera's Party Dream (we think), kicked the shit out of it. I mean, pretty much fucked it up beyond recognition. I don't want to overhype, because I believe there can be other bands who do better - they probably have existed and probably will continue to exist - but these mf's were on fire. Shit. They're playing again tomorrow night in SF, but our card is booked with Sereena Maneesh, who forced us to see Art Brut tonight instead of tomorrow night. There's not a whole lot one can say, or should say, about this fucked-up ass band (Gil whatevers), except to say 'check those stupid, crazy mf's out.' They were awesome.

Outside of that - a few notes about the "Potrero Hill/San Francisco/Bottom of the Hill" music crowd (at least on this particular night):
1) Y'all suck our asses, respectively,
2) We swear, you are not near as cool as you suppose you are,
3) Don't be afraid of gays,
4) It's OK to enjoy the music (fuckers),
5) Please don't take the place of a real music fan next time,
6) We and other people are not impressed, and we never will be, so stop trying,
7) 'Entertaining' does not have to equal 'the music sucks ass' - some bands, over the course of history, have managed to be both entertaining and producers of great music, but don't let history get in the way of your alternate reality,
8) You're still a loser,
9) Don't show your face around here any more.
10) Maybe you could at least pretend not to be as uptight as you actually are, for at least a few minutes. Drop the serious expression. Drop the respectably-SF/Potrero pants with fake-ass blazer. Drop the girl or guy who is leading you to believe that you're something other than a fake-ass wannabe music aficionado and/or that you have/do/will look cool at any time past/present/future.
11) You. Make. Me. Sick.
12) Don't. Come. Back.
13) And the same goes for you fake-ass hooded-jacket, mission-style, chuck-taylor, miserable-expression-wearing hipsters. (See #11 and #12).

I think that pretty much covers it.

p.s. last time we checked, there were 3 tickets left, so it was at least pretty close to a sellout. that's no joke for a Monday night.

UPDATE: Had my virgin iTunes experience. I'd been using it to organize, etc., but this is the first time I dropped some coin. Gil Mantera's Party Fuckin Dream, man. I only want justice, I only want equality... (Buffalo Tears), in case we left the impression that the music was only pop fun.

UPDATE: Serena Maneesh were good. Another lame-ass Bottom of the Hill crowd, but we knew what to expect.

UPDATE: Added photo of Gil Mantera's Party Dream from here.

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