Monday, March 06, 2006

A Bang-Up Night for 'Crash'

Not sure if Crash won because folks didn't want to pick a 'gay film' to win (Brokeback Mountain), but I hope that Crash won for its own merits - one of which was a great scene showing an LA police officer terrorizing a black couple, sexually assaulting the woman in the process. It was a horrifying and great scene. Great because it was so horrible and so realistic in terms of the terror that it inflicted on the black couple, especially the woman. The scene showed what it means to be DWB - Driving While Black. I felt like even white people who think of themselves as 'not racist' would be able to see police terrorism for what it is - straight up terrorism that should be stopped, even if it's predominantly just terrorizing black people. It showed how horrible police officers can be - how tyrannical. I felt like they got truly exposed to the deep shame and high ridicule so many of them deserve.

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