Sunday, March 26, 2006

500,000 Protest Anti-Immigrant Law

Big protest in LA.

I've pretty much been in the 'anti-immigrant' camp, as far as I've believed, and still do for the most part, that Americans deserve the jobs they have - that is, they should not face competition from illegal immigrants - maybe they/we shouldn't face competition for jobs from legal immigrants, either? This demonstration doesn't change my mind, but it makes me want to continue giving the other side serious consideration.

I'm pro-poor people and pro-powerless people, but I'm anti-rich and anti-powerful people, too - so where to come down on immigration? Do my own selfish reasons have a say?

Illegal immigrants amount to, as far as I can see, a super-exploited workforce - akin to modern-day slavery (not to take away from the extreme nature of modern-day-beating-raping-from-childbirth-type slavery that still exists in many parts of the world). Big business loves to have access to this super-exploited workforce, and so does small business. One could even argue that the middle class, in general, benefits from the hard labour of this invisible class of people.

If you want poor, blue collar Americans to grow poorer and more racist, then allow the increasing influx of illegal immigrants. White males anger will continue to be exploited by Republicans - there's no doubt.

Complicated topic.

UPDATE: If you've never listened to Drudge's radio program - you should do it now - tonight - right now, now (links at his site). He's scary, and hilarious, but through his terror - real or feigned we're not sure - you'll understand the fury of the white male - especially blue-collar - worker in America today. He is freaked about this protest. I mean, it's like he just saw Martians walk in front of his car in downtown Miami. Hilarious. But scary, too. He's basically getting the troops riled up for war - literal war - like, violence, guns, you name it. Demagogue.

UPDATE: Some folks diss protest marches as being meaningless - most famously that I've known of, was kos over at Daily Kos - but listening to Drudge and his listeners, and the politicians reacting to the LA protest, you learn real quick that protesting can be extremely useful for a number of things - including intimidation. This bill is crazy fucked up. If you are a family of six, and you have one immigrant staying with you, you have to report them or you are breaking a felony law. You and your entire family would go to jail for years. Your kids would be taken from you and sent to juvenile hall for years. I have to think this was only done to drudge up racism for the upcoming mid-term elections. Republicans are desperate.

UPDATE: Students banned from their prom for protesting. School administrators are total fuckin gangsters. Unbelievably petty gangsters. These kids are learning a lesson alright - just how petty the school administrators are, and what lengths they will go to to make sure that these students remain submissive and obedient. Asshole administrators, man.

And Glenn Hyde gets letters:

Your entire school district should be ashamed of itself for barring those kids from the prom. It's just unbelievable that you all would be so incredibly petty. Pathetic, small, weak, little men and women - all of y'all.

A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and y'all showed them how to obey - how to not step out of line, or else. Don't ever tell the government they're wrong, because they're never wrong. Yes - you've taught them a lesson alright - just how unfair, petty, and corrupt power is.

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