Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Gothamist: Elephant Walk 2006 is Tonight

Well, the walk happened a day or so ago. The original notice is here. Follow-up post here. We stole the pic from here.

Decide for yourself whether you think this is a practice we should continue or not. But before you make up your mind, check out the video over here. If you are afraid to watch the video (you should be), then you're probably on our side on this one.

This is not vegetarianism, folks - this is basic human decency - or lack thereof. Go over to PETA to find out how to stop this shit.

Also, check out the Elephant Sanctuary.

UPDATE: SFist pointed us to a recent court case that convicted HP Pavilion in San Jose of conspiring to violate the rights of some PETA protesters who were leafletting against the Ringling Circus. Ken Sweezey and Steve Kirsner, we're watching you, now. Welcome to the wonderful world of serveillance.

Ringling Bros. is owned by Feld Entertainment, which also owns/runs Disney on Ice. I wonder if little kids would like to see horses and elephants being wipped the next time they go to a Disney on Ice show?

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