Tuesday, March 28, 2006

The paradox of choice

Some of it seems bogus, but a lot of it does not. Check it (video). (book link)

One of my big complaints in the social world is that it seems many men and women - from my point of view, it seems to be mainly women, but I'm open to debate - are too picky when it comes to finding a life partner. That is, for people who would actually like to find a life partner, they're too picky. And again, I have to say, I feel this is more on the female gender, but that's probably just because I've dated women and have been dumped by at least one, and have talked to countless male friends who tell me about their significant other lady-friends who often seem to be searching for their perfect 'knight in shining armor'. What happens, of course, is that these women never do find their knight in shining armor, and either hook up with a well-off older dude - informally or formally - or these women get cats and grow old alone. It seems like such a waste to me.

In short, it seems to me, that women have been particularly affected by this 'paradox of choice'. Maybe this research will start appearing in women's magazines, if it hasn't yet already.

I'm also curious how it plays out in arranged marriages, semi-arranged marriages, etc.

And, of course, politics is huge. How does this paradox play out in politics?

UPDATE: Women more picky. We already knew it, but it's nice to have scientific backing.

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