Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Create your own police department!

No shit. This is very interesting. Very interesting indeed.

This basically means anyone can start a police department with full police department protections - kill black kids with impunity, whenever you feel like it - stuff like that. Well, maybe not stuff like that - we're not sure the 'blue shield' would extend all the way to newly-created police agencies, but it does make me wonder - have there been police agencies created in the ghettos? Or anywhere else for that matter? It seems to me that it might be worth a look-see. Who knows?

UPDATE: The idea behind this post is not to allow more racists to start up their own police departments so they can kill black kids - the idea is to start up our own police departments so we don't need the racist, murdering cops that currently routinely gun down black kids. And beat them to death.

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