Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Duke sits lacrosse team after rape allegation

This case is America today. Who knows what's true or not, yet, but I'll go on the record right now as 'not being surprised' if it was true - all of it - and worse.

UPDATE: We felt we weren't getting the whole Duke scoop from the mass media, so we hit Indymedia - North Carolina (Chapel Hill) edition, and found a bunch of good information, with pics. Houston IndyMedia posted some video about a protest that seems to have taken place outside the house of where the rape happened.

Hopefully, we're about to see a breakthrough in citizen media. Maybe it'll come from a place like OhMyNews, or maybe IndyMedia will rise to the occasion, maybe it'll be Craig of Craigslist who has mentioned he has been thinking of starting a news-type service, or maybe it'll be community or constituency-organized newspapers, like The Black Panther. Wherever it comes from, we need it bad.

UPDATE: USA Today points out that Tom Wolfe's book, I Am Charlotte Simmons, was really written about Duke. Mr. Wolfe's daughter graduated from Duke in 2002:

Wolfe focuses on the 'pond scum' of Duke's campus," wrote book reviewer and Duke professor Stuart Rojstaczer in The (Durham) Herald-Sun. "Dumb racist jocks, misogynistic frat boys, submissive/catty sorority girls and arrogant and insecure academic achievers inhabit Wolfe's Duke.


Wolfe is a huge fan of George W. Bush. No, I'm not shitting you. The dude seems smart, so I'm not sure what would make him a Bush fan. I'm very curious about it, though. Maybe he's just an out-and-out racist? I kind of doubt it because he's so perceptive on issues of race and class and all that - as evidence by his book Bonfire of the Vanities, and I Am Charlotte Simmons. So, no - I don't get it at all.

UPDATE: The defendants can't spell. The article also mentions cross burnings about a year ago. (link to Durham cross-burning story)

What I want to know is, who will be the first student athletes to come forward and support the victims? Will it be JJ Redick? Will it be some kids from the basketball team? The football team? The soccer team? How about the girls teams? Are they all silent, too?

UPDATE: We were just talking here about the possibility that war and the Bush Administration have sent the U.S. people on a death spiral towards complete sadism. Well, here's a Dukie's email a few hours after the alleged rape/beating/etc. - he's talking about inviting more strippers over:

"I plan on killing the bitches as soon as the walk in and proceding to cut their skin off," the author of the e-mail says, adding in vulgar terms that he would find the act sexually satisfying.

And once those strippers come over, kill them and skin them. Got that? Kill them. Skin them. Terrorism - straight up. Sadism - straight up. Bushworld - straight up. This is the kind of shit that the KKK used to do back in the day to terrorize black people, and anyone who 'sympathised with the enemy'.

I'm tellin ya - President Wilson's incredible racism/bigotry helped spur all sorts of anti-black terrorism throughout the U.S. I'd suggest that President Bush's tolerance for bigotry and racism and his complete lawlessness and the Congress's complicity in that lawlessness is sending us towards sadism.

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