Friday, March 17, 2006

Democracy Now! | Crackdown: Venezuelan Prof. Visited by Feds in Pomona, Bolivian Prof. Denied U.S. Entry Visa

Democracy Now! continues to outdo itself with brilliant coverage of just about everything that's important.

The clip linked-to above also includes a phone interview with Waskar Ari, who I saw in DC a couple of years ago - at the Inter-American Development Bank. What's weird is that I remember taking notes on his lecture, and I thought I'd blogged about it, but I can't find it in my archives. Blogger search doesn't work, period, so that's no way to tell. I manually searched through my archives and found nothing. That sucks, because his presentation was pretty interesting overall. We got a lot of info on the Aymaran people - who seem to have some very cool things in their culture, political activism in particular.

I remember getting a bunch of good info on Bolivia - like finding out that it has two capital cities.

I also remember that Waskar Ari's English was not that good. It hasn't improved much, unfortunately. He got his PhD. from Georgetown, and I remember him saying at the time that he was going to be the first Aymara ever to receive a PhD., which is pretty darn cool.

I think the U.S. government must hate this dude because he's all into activism and helping the South (South America and really, all places in the southern hemisphere) resist U.S. agression and neoliberal economic policies which only serve to enslave the people down there.

p.s. This strike stuff at the University of Miami is pretty compelling, too. The prez down there is livin it up, and the workers struggle to make ends meet, of course. That corrupt prez is gettin a call from me, today.

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