Thursday, March 30, 2006

New, Improved CitySearch: the '-ist' sites

OK - so you were going to check out some new city, or you were living in some city, and you wanted to know what was going on, so you headed over to, even though you knew the info you found there would totally suck. So, you thought of the local fishwrap and checked it out and it sucked, too, of course. Well, now we have a new, improved CitySearch - the so-called '-ist' sites. That is, the websites/blogs produced by Gothamist LLC - one 'ist' for each city - and they're pretty good.

These '-ist' sites, so far, are:

Los Angeles
New York City
San Francisco
Washington DC

Yes, these sites are bit too trendy and self-important and all that, but they do have a lot of good, useful info, from what we can tell - mostly having checked out DCist and SFist.

Why Gothamist, LLC (the mama '-ist' site/locale, wethinks) chose to produce their most-recent edition, Houston, before San Diego is beyond us. Sure, Houston is the 4th biggest city compared to the 7th biggest city (give or take), but that's no excuse - Houston is just one big ass. That city needs to be scrapped and re-built from the ground-up, or maybe just left as a shameful reminder of how not to build a city.

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