Friday, March 31, 2006

More Police Terrorism - Milwaukee Edition

Turned on the tv - a rare occasion - and caught some CourtTV. It seems some off-duty white cops beat the fuck out of some black dude because the black dude was a stripper and had some white girls with him. It's pretty much what you'd expect:

Emergency room physician Kathleen Shallow testified that Jude's body was covered in bruises, lacerations and abrasions from head to toe. He also sustained two bone fractures to his face, a necessary element for a conviction of 'substantial battery':

Shallow further testified that damage to Jude's ear canal from a pen that was shoved into his ear were the worst injuries she had seen in her 15-year career.

It's pretty much a scene out of the 1950's South, only it's the 2000's North.

Cops, man. Fuckin terrorists.

Verdict is not in yet.

Milwaukee paper's article talks about how the cops were using racial epithets while beating Jude. Just like the Duke case.

Horrific injuries to both ears - a police officer stabbed the dude in one ear and then the other with a red pen. The hospital doctor said it was the worst ear injuries she'd seen in 15 years.

Lot of testimony about "Give me my fucking badge back, you fuckin nigger!"

Not sure when, exactly, Frank Jude was cuffed - before, during, or after the beating. One cop came out and had a gun and put it to Jude's head and said the usual cop terorrist stuff: "I could fuckin kill you and frame you and you'd be fuckin dead and nobody would care!" - the usual stuff.

One cop is going to testify against other cops. She's in for it - wonder if they'll try kill her, or just intimidate her into resigning.

Jude and his friend - who is black, also (Jude is actually only half-black) - were arrested and none of the cops were arrested - even some of the cops who admitted to holding Jude down while the other cops beat him and at least one who sat on top of Jude while they beat him, helped to beat Jude, and slashed him in the face with a knife. The terrorist district attorney refused to press charges.

Two black jurors removed. That means the jury is all-white - just like in the good 'ol deep south of the 1950's.

UPDATE: DHS Edition.

UPDATE: The whole fucking DHS is trying to fuck little children. I knew that many Republicans were sick fucks. I knew that Bushies were sick fucks. I knew that most Bushies were gangster fucks, but this shit is unbelievable. I mean, exactly how many child rapists are there in the Bush Administration? Picture of the child sex criminal, Frank Figueroa, who used to head the DHS division that oversaw child sex crime for President Bush, is on the right. The dude wacked off in front of a little girl for 10 minutes! I mean, is someone going to do something about the culture of the sexual exploitation of children in the Bush Administration? If this is not terrorism, then I just don't know what is.

Brian J. Doyle (left) is the other DHS guy - Bush Adminiatration official - that we know of, so far, that has been trying to fuck little children.

I've read a lot of arguments over the past few years that make the case that war corrupts everyone and everything anywhere near it. Maybe that's the case, here? It's obvious that the entire country is off its rocker - and I'm not going to make excuses for these would-be rapists - Bush Administration officials - appointees, most likely - some of President Bush's favorite people, no doubt - but maybe the whole country is just totally corrupt? Maybe this is the final death spiral into total sadism, brought about by Bush Administration's evil nature - their ability to infect the American culture with truly demonic values.

UPDATE: Police terrorism - Maryland edition.

UPDATE: Bad Cop, No Donut - I discovered this radio show (and website) while perusing - specifically, The main part of the show starts off with this sentence:

I'm Ron Anicich with your weekly wrapup of North American police brutality, misconduct, and corruption. Here is a look at what the police did to us this week.

Great show! It's unbelievably terrifying to know that there are so many cops out there beating/raping/murdering innocents - especially children. It's a weekly show, so go back often!

UPDATE: If you listen to the RealMedia stream on the Bad Cop, No Donut website all the way till the end, and then wait a few seconds, another stream will start up with a great show that gets a bunch of clips of the host, Ron, talking to a bunch of other radio jockeys about his show.

UPDATE: Terrorists are set free. Yes, Milwaukee is as racist as the deep south. Congratulations, y'all.

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