Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Tillman murdered?

Thought I posted about this recently, but I couldn't find it. Damn blogger. Found an old post, but its source article, here, is disappeared. That's not completely abnormal for little newspaper sites, but still - it's a pretty important story - or, at least, speculation.

So, TPM has some new facts.

And now Wonkette, of all blogs, is saying some stuff I hadn't heard before. They say, for instance, that the reason Tillman was going to meet with (one of my personal heroes) Chomsky was to find out exactly how he should come out against the war when he got back to the U.S. I knew about the planned meeting, but I just figured it was going to be a chit chat about whatever.

And I firmly believe, now, if I didn't already, that he was murdered by his own unit. I mean, shit - his unit burned his armor - wtf? There's only one good reason to burn shit - to remove your tracks.

The Pentagon covered it up.

All sorts of military personnel in the field covered it up - a retired General recently being reprimanded.

Military doctors doubted from the very beginning the story they were fed.

Three close-range bullet holes in the forehead after he was already wounded several times?

That was some Mafia/Gestapo/Nazi-style shit - an out and out execution.

I'm sure someone's going to ask Chomsky what he thinks of all this - someone always does. Chomsky will handle it with care, of course, but I suspect he won't give people what they're looking for - he won't do our thinking for us. He'll say something to the effect that 'anything is possible', but won't go towards 'plausible' and he'll refrain from saying too much about it at all, and then he'll reinforce his core message to all of us - get together and get active - build mass popular movements and force the government and corporations to repond to our demands.

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