Saturday, February 23, 2008

Texans are Fat

That's what it seems, anyways.

And the worrying part is this - I'm in Austin, and I live right on the edge of the main campus (UT-Austin) - a big campus - 40,000+ undergrads - so we're talking about young kids, basically - around 20 years old. They're not supposed to be fat yet.

Granted, I did just come from California, and from Palo Alto, which has incredible weather, a culture of exercise, and bicycle lanes, making it conducive to exercise, whereas Austin is a death trap for bicyclists, as in most U.S. cities.

I'm on a big bicycle kick, lately. I'm about to crank up a bicycle blog network, called Bike Blogs - great name, I know. I and others are working to make Austin more bicycle-friendly. We're working on projects like Google Maps 'Bike There'.

I feel sorry for these kids. If you're huge at 20 years old - what chance did you ever have, really?

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