Friday, February 22, 2008

"That is rich"

Ever hear that phrase? Ever read it? I may have even used it once or twice myself (or not) - but I hate it. It's a rich person's word. It's a word for upper-class folks. It's a word that only 'educated' people use.

You'll read it on websites like DailyKos and TalkingPointsMemo and FireDogLake - at least in the comments sections. On these liberal websites is where the political chattering classes decide what we should do with poor people. I imagine some skinny, snide, condescending, comes-from-a-decent-background-and-actually-had-a-chance white person who never really faced any serious adversity in life. The phrase bothers me - it's the snootiness of it.

I don't even know what it means. You could say something about 'meaning' and 'irony' - but it's not really ever about that at all - it's about announcing to the world that you were properly indoctrinated at an expensive white liberal arts college, and therefore you are better than everyone else.


Anonymous said...

Stuff White People Like: Knowing What's Best for Poor People

Peter said...

that's funny. i read that post, and i bet i unwittingly referenced it here.

good catch!

silent plagiarism!