Monday, September 15, 2008

AIG part of the House of Cards

Man, read this WSJ article to get a feel for what a house of cards the entire U.S. financial system is. The shit that the state and federal governments are doing to keep this pyramid scheme afloat is hilarious.

Tellin ya - best get your money out, now. Buy gold. Stock up. Panic. Learn to do something useful. Be prepared to be good neighbors. Start a garden. Buy a bike. Sell your car while you still can. Your boss is about to come down on you for the best reason in the world - because in a down economy, workers become the assholes, and managers become true Gods. Don't like working 60 hours a week, Mr. Family Man with two kids, two car payments, and dog? Well 'Fuck you', Mr. Family, man - it's my way or the highway.

Happy end times in America.

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