Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Sports fans should not boo players

That's been my contention for years. It's just not right. And it doesn't matter whether a player is playing for the other team or not. The practice just seems anti-human to me. I could understand good-natured ribbing of opponents, but boo's? Definitely not feeling that.

Who knows if Vince Young getting boo'ed by his own crowd had anything to do with him going on a potential suicide run last night, but I'm guessing it could not have helped.

...back in April, Delgado reiterated that nobody likes getting boo'ed.

...first is boo's, then comes the racist taunts. And we know that boo's are not handed out equally.


Anonymous said...

I think sometimes boos can be in good fun. Not when done by the hometown crowd though.

Peter said...

yep - i'm down with 'good-natured boos' - somehow that didn't come out quite right.