Wednesday, May 28, 2008

MLS Racism Galore

Some things just shouldn't be. One of them is racism. The other thing is professional soccer in the U.S.

Some racist Columbus Crew fans got off after their team got smoked.

Some people actually dig all the gang-like, violent atmosphere being created in the MLS these days - they'd suggest it's now more like international soccer.

Memo to dumbfucks - some things aren't worth duplicating.

It was easy to see this coming by the way -- just take a look at any clips during Columbus crew and other games where the fans in the corners are leaning over into the field, talking shit, throwing things - it's really unbelievable to me that the MLS has let it go as far as it has. They just let the players get abused like that, and fan clubs like Sams Army actually get off on that stuff. Like watching crowds actually boo players on the basketball court, or football field, or whereever.

To me, even booing an athlete is beyond reprehensible. I mean - you can give a guy some ribbing if he's being a total ahole, but we gotta keep things in persective.

Actually booing an athlete, or dropping N-bombs on him? WTF?

Thanks, but no thanks - I don't want any part of that racist, nationalist, unthinking mob-style shit.



Hip Hop Mosque #7 said...

Decrying the booing of athletes and racism in the same post? Racism is obviously deplorable in any arena, but come on. That's like saying "Hey, ever heard of road rage? Giving people the finger is a stupid. And so is driving." Booing the opposition is part of the game. When the Cowboys come to FedEx Field, all Redskins fans boo the shit out of them in unison. And I'm sure the players feed off of it. Players need fans as much as the fans need players, and I'm sure you'd be hard pressed to find a professional athlete who would want a stadium on the road full of golf-clapping soccer moms.

Peter said...


i'm not sure what you're talking about.

booing athletes and racism have everything to do with each other. let's talk bonds and mcguire. let's talk every incident of racist violent shit to go down every year around the world. how many fans threw syringes at McGuire?

as far as driving, it is stupid as fuck. who in their right minds would do it?

and suggesting that "booing the opposition is part of the game" is the same as saying "that's just the way it is" - stupid, crazy-wack-fucktastic-jingoistic bullshit. racist mf's talked that shit for centuries, and still do, and will continue to - unless we straighten 'em out.

fans booing an entire team in unison could be considered light-hearted fun, but when does that fun turn to ignorant racist violence, as it so often does - do you still approve? how worked up are we supposed to get that the other team scored a last minute goal? at what point do we say, "Wait - enough if enough."? The whole culture of sport is about loyalty and fealty to some thing that has absolutely no basis in rational life - some marketing gimmick that some billion-dollar corporate enterprise dreamt up to keep you and your boyz under control is all it is. No poor people will get heart transplants because Team Whateverthefuck won the Super Bowl. Without the NFL and the NBA and MLB and MLS, we'd probably have overturned this mf already. That shit keeps us occupied, and that's a good thing. It gives us something else to look at, and criticize. We can hate the 'other team' instead of hating the corporations that rule our lives.

'Players need fans and vice-versa' is more unthinking jingoistic shit - it's totally meaningless. Let's stick to the topic at hand.

Any athlete that's been on tv and has suggested, truthfully, that they like being booed, was lying. That's the mf truth - Kobe included.

No soccer moms are needed - to think that an athlete would go out there and bust their balls and get booed is outrageous. People hear "$X Million dollar contract" and they stop thinking. What's the point? I try and tell folks that it's all relative - that someone working at McDonald's would do _whatever_ to have my job - I make ten times as much as them. Still, folks don't get it. They're racists, most of them. They have no concept of human dignity. I'll walk out of any job that treats me like shit, like I'm about to do again. I have that luxury, but not a lot of people do. Even pro athletes are stuck up in the game - that's why you see them walk it back so often. They have no choice - they're get blacklisted so many many before them.

Fans use racism to believe that black athletes are not human - they don't have feelings - they are all the stereotypes that Rush Limbaugh makes them out to be. Even the 'good' black athletes eventually go 'bad' as soon as they start spittin some truth, or start underperforming, like Donovan McNabb. That's some real shit right there.


Read Chomsky.