Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The Gruen Transfer

Every informed citizen needs to be intimately familiar with advertising and public relations techniques. One of the most important is The Gruen Transfer.

Australian Broadcasting Corporation, our PBS, is putting on a show called The Gruen Transfer that will talk about popular ad manipulation techniques.

Here are some theories. And here are those same theories in any easier-to-digest format.

PBS did a somewhat similar show called The Merchants of Cool.

...check out one of the commercials for the new show:

Can't imagine ad-related folks, including advertisers, are too happy about this down under. More vids here.


Gruen Transfer said...

It's not really all that revealing. It is a very clever way to get advertising onto the ABC with no cost to the advertisers!

It's light entertainment, nothing investigative. Why would you have a parade of Australia's top ad agencies fighting to be on the show if it was truly revealing advertising's deepest secrets?

And it's hosted by a comedian who keeps it light by cracking a joke and changing the subject when Todd and Russell get anywhere near discussing something revelatory.

Great idea. Poor Execution.

Honda Tamworth said...

And have you noticed that the Gruen transfer host Wil Anderson has no idea what do with his hands at the very start of the show when he walks on stage?