Thursday, May 15, 2008

Horry maims again; NBA cheers; Spurs win again

Horry put Nash out of the game last year - at least temporarily - with a flagrant foul that helped clear the benches. Horry's team, the honorless Spurs - led by the honorless Gregg Popovich - the guys who employ hack-a-Shaq off the ball - went on to win the championship.

Tonight, Horry put David West out of the game.

The announcers for the NBA/ESPN said 'good clean foul' and cheered on Horry's dirty tactics. You can see Horry lower his shoulder. It was a dirty play, intended to injure. It worked.

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Anonymous said...

Lol :) Did u see the hit that Parker took in the game 5 from Chandler? Did you see how CP is playing? Always bumping into Bowen and using his elbows extensively.