Thursday, May 29, 2008

iPhone theme for Windows desktop

I'd like an iPhone theme for my Windows desktop.

So, I basically want rid of my traditional 'desktop' and I want to replace it with an iPhone interface.

How difficult would that be?

The iPhone IDE must have an iPhone simulator - can it do file access and all that fun stuff?

There are a bunch of reasons I want this, but one reason is to inspire Android developers to develop a new 'desktop', which will make them think they can realistically replace Windows on the desktop - at which point, hopefully, they will.

Microsoft has to die. Soon. Karmic justice requires this.

...previously. is trying to make me look smart.


Kolong.... said...

This is the most stupid blog i ever read. Pointless. You know what Android is? Android is an operating system based on Linux. So, if you will have the same thing like other Linux have. Installing things like driver will be the same if it been ported to desktop. What Google do is put dalvik layer to run all user application. So, application will only written in java. Basically hardware support of "Android on desktop" will depend on the development of Linux kernel and basically Google no need to do anything. So saying things that really sucks like this and your other posts without knowing anything about it is really stupid. Hopefully you can become a better blogger in the future.

Anonymous said...

That is the stupidest comment I've ever read. I totally want a desktop that works like the iPhone, that's how I found this post. I teabag you sir!

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