Sunday, May 11, 2008

I don't like My Morning Jacket

I like 'Golden', but even that - only the recorded/produced version. That's a legit song. A good song. Maybe even a great song. But what of this madness? MMJ were the thing to see at SX.

It seems like everyone loves this band, and their legendariness only grows every day. It definitely seems like they have musical talent, but it's just not something I can get into. They sound a touch like Band of Horses, only a lot less compelling.

Can someone explain?

Do you have to be a Willie Nelson or Dollie Parton fan to dig MMJ?

They remind me of another very hyped band that I saw at SX, briefly - Lucero. Lucero reminded me of the Grateful Dead. Nothing wrong with it - just not my style.

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Anonymous said...

Not everyone likes them, but a lot do (including me). Did you see their live show? If you're actually in the middle of it, and not on the outskirts where you can't pay much attention, the experience picks you up and carries you away. It's what big live shows should always be like.