Saturday, May 10, 2008

Liberal pedophile this time

No, not yet another Bush Republican official caught raping children - this time it's a...former priest - suprise.

And this priest is/was a liberal San Francisco talk radio host, apparently. Brilliant.

The take-away?

Shut down the Catholic Church, of course.

They don't deserve to exist anymore. They never did. They've raped and brutalized for centuries and they should be gone already. How many children are being abused right now by Catholic Priests?

Obviously, it's not just Catholic Priests that are raping kids - it's plenty of Republicans and other folks, too - but the Catholic Church is a criminal enterprise, not unlike the mafia. It needs to be dismantled immediately and completely so they can't abuse any more children.

It's not all that complicated, one would think, but money talks. Lots of people still believe in superstition, apparently, and their weekly donations go to protecting pedophiles.

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