Sunday, May 04, 2008

the end of horse racing

we've known it's been coming for a long time.

nobody likes to go to the track anymore, in part because of the good work done by peta -- they've sensitized us to the idea that animals are thinking, feeling beings. and what decent human being likes to think of their dog or cat being tortured and/or killed?

and then they killed another horse today. it' enough to make anyone sick.

the last of the horse tracks are closing up show, now. nobody cares about the big three races except for if and when a horse might be able to capture the triple crown.

I'm down with philosophizing over whether or not animals deserve the same amount or rights (or more) than humans, but we need to stop the obvious torture and killing. That goes for cows and chickens - no matter how much I'll miss Chik-Fil-A - but also horses, too.

Horseracing is over.

...espn reports fans crying in the stands at churchill downs. peta is in - links horse racing to dog fighting - take action.

...compound fracture(s) - i.e. bone through the skin.

Then, he heard it was his horse, took off running for the ambulance and rode to Eight Belles. The bones were protruding through the skin, a catastrophic injury that left no alternative.

"When I saw it, it had to be done," he said.


...p.s. i'm a guilty as anyone else - i actually had a bet on the race! someone called me up and said 'kentucky derby' and 'pick two numbers' - so i did. still, i should have known better. so i sent the peta letter, and i'll rejoin peta as soon as i can afford to.

...there seems to be a media blackout - as there is when any event of importance happens, until the owners of this country can craft the message as much as possible. Will NBC release the video of Eight Belles writhing in pain on the track? Where are all the pictures of fans in the stands, crying their eyes out? kills, too - and not just the horses.

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