Saturday, May 24, 2008

Professional Gamer League in Korea

From Al Jazeera - the title of the video on YouTube is incorrect, but this is the right video:

Not sure how I feel about all this gaming stuff. But I know I want one of those fly professional gamer jerseys!

The game they play is StarCraft - check out the wiki on the league/series.

Oh - and Al Jazeera burns O'Lielly. Ouch.


p.s. All this gaming talk made me realize that I actually attended an E3 event (wiki) back in the day, in Atlanta. Man, even back then - 10 years ago?? - it was pretty darn big. Scantily-clad women, massive displays of computer power - think, SGI, during it's heyday - this year, it's probably gonna be even more crazy, even with some producers having pulled out.

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