Friday, June 17, 2005


Raimondo from, but also of the Huffington Post, pointed out some fragging stories the other day that just might have included this one for the this century's version of Vietnam.

He had some other links that talked about how pervasive fragging had become in Vietnam during the late stages of the war. 600? Another 1400 that 'died mysteriously'? Wow.

How common was it to turn down the job of 'Commanding Officer' in Vietnam? And how common is it today, in Iraq?

Holy cow. Dude was serious. He really did run for Congress.

Makes me wonder if I could ever vote for that dude. I like a lot of parts of libertarian philosophy, but the wild wild west utopia that those folks envision is just scary. We'd be sent back hundreds of years in the social justice movement, and 'democratic capitalism' would probably go away because of the severe disparities in wealth distribution in American society...well, that's according to this guy, anyways.

What would replace democratic capitalism? And what do the free marketeering libertarians say about it all? The 'invisible hand' will take care of everything? Who knows...

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