Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Pistons Force Game 7

This is the kind of inspiration and lessons that sports can produce. Too often, the 'life lessons' thing preached by coaches sounds awfully suspect - it sounds like bullshit most of the time, but facing an elimination game in a hostile environment where you haven't won in years - that's guts, that's determination, concentration of will, energy of soul, persistence, resilience, never-say-die, self-responsibility, teamwork, sharing, competitiveness, excellence, trust in your teammates, rising to the occasion - that's DETROIT - BAS-KET-BALL! And those are all traits I'd love for my children to have, and for every American and every person in the world to have.

Mad props to RaSHEED Wallace, who funked up at the end of the last game - and helped to cost his side the game. He could have sulked and blamed others, but he manned up - took responsibility for his 'boneheaded' play - and delivered a great performance tonight. Yep yep.

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