Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Mogadishu, Somalia: Iraq Edition

The burning body of a U.S. helicopter pilot - apparently, already dead (thank God for him) - was dragged across the sands of Iraq.

This incident is not as bad as, but it is certainly reminicent of, Mogadishu, Somalia, when a Democrat (Clinton, the male), was going around the world 'spreading freedom'. A video preview of a very pro-U.S. (lying) version of events called "Somalia: Good Intentions, Deadly Results" is here (RealMedia). The U.S. did not have primarily good intentions in Somalia.

Of course, the best known work on Mogadishu is the book and movie Black Hawk Down. Unfortunately for the Americans in Mogadishu, at least one of them was caught alive. I think the rebels eventually killed him without torturing him, which was very generous of them given the circumstances of America mowing down and generally terrorizing innocent civilians and trying to take over their country - but I'm a bit fuzzy on the details now, so read/watch it for yourself.

How many Iraqi civilians will America murder in retaliation for this incident? 50? 100? 500? 5,000? Of course, we'll eventually get to those numbers, but I mean right now - or already. How many innocent Iraqi men, women, and children have already been murdered in retaliation for this attack on the American occupation forces?

...Iraqi soldier shoots and kills US soldier. Must be getting pretty bad over there.

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