Monday, April 10, 2006

Bad Cop, No Donut!

The phrase is funny, but the criminality behind it is anything but. We first told you about the "Bad Copy, No Donut!" show in this 'police terrorism' post, and we've since listened to a lot of the shows - they're horrifying.

I would love to tell you that it's possible to laugh off just how corrupt police are, but it's so much worse than you think. We're not talking about cops who harrass people they don't like, or how they regularly break every traffic law on the books, we're talking about rape, murder, home invasions, sexual abuse of teenagers - boys and girls - you name it. We thought we knew something about police criminality and brutality, but it's so much worse than even we expected.

You must listen to every single show in this show's archive, and then get active against police brutality and criminality. Keep an eye on the Bad Cop, No Donut! website for more info.

We took the image from the Bad Cop, No Donut! merchandise site.

UPDATE: Kingston Police Sucks.

UPDATE: LAPD has a blog. I just posted the following comment. Let's see if they let it go up there, or if the LAPD will censor it.

Hey chief,

stop killing unarmed black kids. stop terrorizing innocent people.

UPDATE: Couple arrested for asking directions. Hat tip: Drudge.

UPDATE: Typical.

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