Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Racism - Fan Tosses Syringe at Bonds

That's some messed up shit.

We've been saying that it's OK for us to hate on Barry - because he's using roids, but we've also been hating on all sorts of other athletes who made good use of steroids, even white athletes. That said, however, we should have been a little more understanding of those who were crying 'racism' - because it's true, at least in part. Everyone knew Mak McGwire was all jacked up on roids and used them to break the single-season home run record, and to our knowledge, nobody ever threw a syringe at him. But the loony racists are still out there in America in force - too many of them - and all they need is a little right-wing hate speech to get them goin. Despicable.

Now, this incident wouldn't be the end of the world had McGwire been treated similarly, but he wasn't - because he was white. Makes me want to start defending Bonds. If McGwire is innocent, then so is Bonds. We can't have it both ways.

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