Monday, July 09, 2007

Al Jazeera English YouTube Channel

This is very good news - Al Jazeera now on YouTube, legally:

The world's first English language news channel to have its headquarters in the Middle East; covering the world, bridging cultures and setting the news agenda.
Name: Al Jazeera English

It's the second best television news program in existence - right after Democracy Now!. Check out a recent video clip of one of the many humanitarian crises the US Government has caused for innocent people:

And one of their shows, Listening Post, covers emerging media. It's great. And it'd be great to have some San Francisco tech-hipsters take notice.

The television channel itself actually shows YouTube-style 'video responses' from users - they are openly critical of the channel, Arab governments, and they are sent in from all over the world. Here's a call to send your thoughts:

Here's the full Al Jazeera program schedule. You can watch the low-quality feed for free, or pay a premium of a few bucks a month to watch it at a higher bit rate. Censorship from the U.S. government keeps cable operators from running it here.

Another program they have, Witness, is also brilliant. Here's one particular episode I'm trying to find an online copy of:

Gadi Schwartz takes his first trip to Kansas to investigate the mood of middle America and its position on the war in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Can you imagine seeing something like that on CNN?

...'Global Village Voices' may be the segment of 'Listening Post' where user-submitted videos are submitted.

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